Chances are, if you're here you already know what Shadowrun is; if not, I would suggest checking out the Shadowrun RPG Website for more details.

What is up with your site anyway?
EEK! What's this, an update? No, it can't be so. Or can it?
The truth of the matter is, I hope to get all new Shadowrun campaign up and running again after a couple year hiatus, and it made me realize how relaxing this whole webpage stuff was. So, cross your fingers, toes, eyes, and anything else you can spare in the pure hope that maybe, just maybe I'll be updating this site a little more frequently than once every three years. Changes should be subtle, I'll be starting stylistically first, but eventually I'll try to focus a little on my layout and getting things a bit more readable and into the "21st century." Just give me some time, and if you've got them, some words of encouragement to keep me going.
-- Guido the Enforcer

Feb 22, 2004:
Transferred the site to a new web host. While I wish I had more time to dedicate to Shadowrun, life has been busy lately, and nobody's really been all that interested. My shadowrun site will never go away, but don't be surprised if it's archived away a little further back in the near future.

April 27, 2003:
I swear I'm not gone yet. Some minor updates graphically to the website. Otherwise, not a whole lot. Just putting together ideas for some new site content. Have a great day!

March 2, 2003:
Mainly some graphical updates, including a new layout for my front-page. I hope you like the look (I find it a tad less cluttered), but give me some input on its quality. Also, McGormic's Catalog is getting some touch-up work as well, so take a gander at that if you haven't had the chance.

February 23, 2003:
Well I can hardly believe it, but my initial revision of McGormic's Emergency Response Catalog is complete. Go check it out, I think you'll like it. Next up is a revision of the TCS front-end, which is going to take some real thought on my part to initiate. Please give me some input on what you like and what you don't like. I'll try to incorporate some of the best ideas.

February 22, 2003:
I keep working on the site. Currently my work is focusing on getting the real focus of my site back on track, McGormic's Emergency Response Catalog. Please, go check out the new layout, see what I've been working on. Things aren't perfect yet, but I have several of the sections completed with pictures and a better layout.

February 19, 2003:
I'm not dead yet! Actually I'm amazed at myself. I've actually been updating. Though everything you've seen until now has been mostly visual in nature, I'm getting there slowly. Expect to see changes in the near future. I'm in the testing phases now.

February 16, 2003:
Updates galore. Okay, not updates galore, but updates anyway. First and foremost, no more misspelled "Archtypes." Hopefully I got rid of all of them, but let's just keep our fingers crossed. Secondly, I have updated two of my archetypes to SR3 using the Shadowrun Character Generator. If you liked my archetypes before, check them out now, they are a little more up to date.

February 15, 2003:
Believe it or not, I AM updating! My links page is generally cleaned up (I really hated all the old broken links so I went to work), and I'm moving on to archetype now. If anything is bugging you about site layout, please give me a hollar. I want to clean this place up a bit before I add new content, but I want to hear from you if you notice anything tremendously out of place, especially in the stuff I've cleaned up.

January 27, 2000:
Well, it's back up again. Can't believe it, but it's back. After my short hiatus from web life in general, I have been able to get everything back up and running again (sort of). Here's the deal folks, and it's a pretty big one, so read on! I've moved my site from XOOM, excuse me, NBCI, because the service and quality of their sites has gone down pretty dramatically since NBCI took over the whole service. The banner kept getting larger, and the speed kept getting slower. That's one big drop in service if you ask me. The second big change is the addition of my domain name (still working out all of the details on this one). You can now get to my site directly, wherever the hell it's permanent location winds up at: Cool neh?

For the time being, please excuse the mess, I'm working on getting all problems ironed out and if you find any, please e-mail me and I'll get right on it. For those that like to keep banners, I'll be updating mine ASAP, please take it, and update those links! Thanks.

April 19, 2000:
Whoa! Is that a map I see? Why, yes it is! I've updated the Twin Cities Sourcebook by including my first (of many hopefully) map of the Twin Cities area. I really apologize for the size (about 100k total), I know it's big, but it is what I was going for in the first place for style. Hope you all like!

April 14, 2000:
No huge content changes, but enough format changes to hopefully catch some eyes, and have people coming back for more. I really want to apologize about the construction, if you can't get to a page the button is pointing to, give it 10 minutes or so, I'll bet you almost anything that I am currently fiddling with the page settings. Remember, I am always open to suggestions, comments, rants, ideas, stupid looks, questions, and other e-mail goodies. Oh, and thank you to everybody who has given me their support so far.

April 7, 2000:
The Twin Cities Shadownode, formerly known as "Ryan Bolduan's Shadowrun Web Page o' Doom" is back up and running at its new address here at (link now broken so it points right back to

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