Time to get up and running again. Part of that of course is actually updating some of my links. In the time I've been away, the Shadowrun community has shrunken rather dramatically. Most people just don't seem to have the time anymore to put into this wonderful pastime, which of course is rather unfortunate. Still, there are plenty of dedicated individuals who run some pretty top notch sites, and thanks to our friends over at www.dumpshock.com, some sites that never seem to get updated anymore are also still around. Heck, considering it took 2 years to update my site, I too am just as guilty as the last guy.

All this being said, I hate links. Most people already know where the good stuff is (especially if you've hit the backwoods country of my site). Moreover, I sure as heck hate keeping them updated. However, I do know that on that rare occasion, somebody stumbles through who needs to know where to go. For you, I give you a list of some pretty darned good sites.

So sit back, find a good link, and follow it away. If for whatever reason, you want to link to my site, and are into them, take my banner and go nuts, I won't mind. Give me an e-mail though so I can have the opportunity to consider a link to your site as well. Do me a favor though and download the banner to your own site rather than just linking to it from here. Thanks.

Official Sites
WizKids Games
- Owners of Shadowrun
FanPro LLC - Publishers of the English Language Version of Shadowrun (and the official Shadowrun Homepage)
FanPro GmbH - Publishers of the German Language Version of Shadowrun

Deserving Special Mention Sites
- I'm not kidding, if www.shadowrunrpg.com is the official site, dumpshock.com is the official unofficial site. Go here first.
Dumpshock Matrix - I always have a hard time finding these sites, and they deserve quite the mention. Includes the Shadowrun Character Generator.
Dumpshock Forums - Want do discuss Shadowrun? What better place than the official unofficial forums?

Non-Official but Otherwise Cool Sites
The Shadowrun Archive
- One of many at dumpshock, has a place in my heart as the first Shadowrun site I ever found.
Talon Studios - Home of Steve Kenson, one of the best SR authors ever, and contributor to many, many other RPGs.
Winterhawk's Virtual Magespace - Winterhawk has bent over backwards to make a superb Shadowrun Fiction Site, check it out.
Nightsky's Shadowrun Fiction - Another Fiction site worth a good mention and a trip to.
The Sixth World - Okay, this is just plain impressive. A map of the Sixth World, and detailed to boot.
The Shadowrun Reference Standard - I'll be the fist to admit that I don't use this, but I should, and so should you.
The Shadowrun Supplemental -Another dumpshock site that deserves a mention. The TSS is a quarterly e-zine for Shadowrun, and darned good too.

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