Archetypes, the core of the Shadowrun character system. We never have the opportunity to play every character we create, but for some reason often feel compelled to create more anyway. If you're anything like me you have entire folders filled with completed character sheets and no campaign to use them in. This section does little except to put out several ideas I have had for characters. Some I have played, some will probably never see the light of day in any campaigns I participate in. My hope is that with my characters available for use here perhaps somebody will be able to play one eventually. So if for some reason an idea here strikes you as extraordinary, and you wind up using either the basic concept or actual archetype in your campaign, mail me and tell me how you're using it. I like hearing that my ideas are used (don't we all).

Please note, these archetypes are going through their conversions to SR3 from their original creation in SR2. Some are old (you'll know them when you see them), and some have already been converted. Eventually I'll get them all updated, but for now you'll have to live with me dragging my feet a bit. When I do update them though, you can bet the farm I'll be using the Shadowrun Character Generator which if you haven't downloaded yourself, I can't recommend it enough. I probably wouldn't be updating my characters if it weren't for the pure fun I have putting them together in that program. For characters transferred to the SR3 system, I use a 123 point build system and I often try not to add edges or flaws unless I think they're very important in defining the character.

All files are available in either an HTML source (perfect for printing) or NSRCG source (which I for the life of me can't figure out how to set up for you to download nicely). If you want the NSRCG file, more than likely you already know how to download it nicely and then get it into your own copy of the program. If you can't, give me an e-mail and I'll see what I can do to help you out.

Archetype Name HTML NSRCG Source
Former Lone Star HTR Trooper View Download
Adventuring Academic View Download
Alcoholic Mink Shaman View Download
Asp - My very old character (SR2 ONLY) View Download
Con Artist View Download
Elven Courier View Download
Crazy Dwarven Arms Dealer View Download
Freelance Executive Protection Specialist View Download
Flair - A Pyromaniac Fire Adept View Download
Australian Bush Pilot View Download
Insane Street Priest View Download
Orc Trailguide View Download

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