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Welcome to McGormic's Emergency Response Supply Catalog. Serving your public service needs since 2023. As a part of our 40th birthday celebration, McGormic's is going through a significant redesign. When we're done we hope our catalog will be better designed to serve your service needs. Until then, please don't mind the dust, and settle in for the world's premiere supplier of products to paramedic, police, fire, and hazmat teams worldwide! If you have any questions or comments during this time of reconstruction, please feel free to contact our public service division through standard e-mail channels or visit our public service department located within our LTG. Thanks and enjoy your stay!

Robert McGormic III, CEO of McGormic's Inc. (Feb-20-2063)

This is McGormic's Emergency Response Supply Catalog, the largest supplier of public sector specialty equipment in the world for four decades. We are glad you have chosen to review our catalog, as our long-term commitment to providing the highest quality goods and services should serve you well. Our extensive catalog listing is only a portion of what is available. If something exists that you need, and we don't have it listed, we can find it.


Our outlet stores are located across the North American Continent as well as Tokyo, Vladivostok, Sydney, London, Berlin, and many other locales. Please see our local map for the store closest to you. All locations carry the most current product lines as well as demo models and training seminars. For those you that cannot reach a store, our friendly and well-stocked catalog allows for quick and easy shopping with fast and accurate shipping to anywhere in the world.

Our commitment can be further seen through our relations with our stellar world-famous clientele. We act as the primary supplier of emergency and law enforcement supplies for Doc Wagon, Eagle Security, and Lone Star, just to name a few. As part of our world famous service, we offer a no questions asked lifetime guarantee on select products, and offer optional extended warrantees on most of our product lines. Be sure to ask a service representative about these offers. Delivery is completed via insured local carrier (UCAS residents only) or World Wide Shipping (NAN residents may require extra time and/or fees).

It is both our job and our pleasure to make you, the seasoned professional and our valuable customer, happy with your purchases. If for any reason our services do not meet your standards, please contact our public service division. Thank you again for taking the time to shot with McGormic's.

Robert McGormic III, CEO of McGormic's Inc. (Feb-06-2063)

My goodness, doesn't time fly? Forty years! Can you believe it? Well, it's my pleasure again to gain you access to the premiere Police/Fire/Paramedic/Hazmat catalog in the world. If these chummers can't fix you up, I doubt anybody can.

Now, you may be asking yourself, "what do I need all this worthless crap for anyway? Give me a Predator and a clip of EX rounds anyday." Well my friend, the answer is quite simple, so I can save your fraggin' hoop when you go down with a flaming phosphorus slug in your head. I have over 15 years of medic experience in DocWagon, I've worked the last 10 with the likes of you, and I'd stake my reputation on McGormic's.

I've mirrored the real catalog here, so take a gander and comment if you wish. You'll have to hack into the real deal on your own if you want to place an order. One last thing, McGormic's tends to be a real stickler on the background checks. Make sure you've lined up a good decker before you place your order.

IV, (Feb-20-2063)

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