Orc Trailguide

Orc Trailguide



Active Skills:

Knowledge and Language Skills


Dice Pools:




Edges and Flaws:


Starting Money:3D6x1000 nuyen

"Watch out, we're in Juggernaut country, if you're not careful...SPLAT!"

"If my bearings are correct-and they always are..."

"Just round them yonder rocks should be the ancient temple, unless them Azzies been at it again."


The trailguide is a hardened wilderness guru with all the skills needed to make both himself and you survive in the wilds of some far off place. He knows the trails like the back of his hand, but is a little out of his element in the city. Of course the trailguide believes the urban jungle can't be that much different than the real thing, and given time, will make a good home as well. Shadowrunning comes second to his true love, the need to know the in's and out's of everyplace he's been. Don't ask him about the hand though, or you'll get an earful about the time the shapeshifting tiger bit it off in mortal combat, or so he claims.

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