Priest Physad

Physad Bringer of God



Active Skills:

Knowledge Skills and Languages:

Adept Powers:

Dice Pools:



Starting Money:3D6x1000 nuyen

"May the breath of God enter your body!"

"I am the bringer of death to the heathens!"

"All Hope Abandon, Ye who enter here! (said as killing another heathen)"


The bringer of enlightenment, or priest, or crazy bastard; whatever you call him, he is still completely insane. He beliefves that the world has begun to fall into the hands of the heathens and it is time for the second inquisition. As in the Spanish Inquisition nobody is safe, the corperations must be purged just as both the SINers and SINless must also be brought to enlightenment. At the current moment he is ready to start any way possible, and it seemed as if running would be appropriate (hey, I didn't say he makes any sense, he's insane remember?) Word has come on the street: if you see a man in red robes approaching on your home, run, don't take anything, flee with all your fear in tact, because without that you will die.

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