Austrailian Bush Pilot

Austrailian Bush Pilot



Active Skills:

Knowldege and Language Skills:


Dice Pools:





Starting Money:3D6x1000 nuyen

"That looks like a good place to land, right between those two hills."

"You call that Turbullence?!"

"You think those critters are big? You should see the ones down under!"


The Austrailian Bush Pilot is sort of an anomaly in the United States. He used to run supplies into the outback a few years ago, but that job dried up really fast. As soon as he had made enough to buy his own plane, he did so and immediately went off to bigger and better places. Now he works in North America ferrying supplies to anybody that might need them, and he guarantees being on time, and the supplies in tact. Rather than opting for a heavily armed plane, he is nearly invisible, flying mostly at night into decolate and out of the way places. Of course, if you can afford his services, he'd be happy to let you tag along.

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