Fire Adept

Elven Fire Adept



Active Skills:

Knowledge and Language Skills:

Dice Pools:


  • None




    Starting Money:3D6x1000 nuyen

    "Let me light your cigarette."

    "Is it hot in here or is it just me?."

    "You're fired. (said often after flamethrower)"


    She grew up without any kind of family at all. At the tender age of 8 a mysterious fire consumed the entire house, and only she was left in the rubble. The true mystery was the lack of burns on her body and the severity of the fire in the house. Soon after she was placed in foster care, and after several incidents with host families involving fire she was brought in by a group of mages experimenting with magic in youth. They realized her true potential, and begun teaching her how to control her magic. As one of the earliest manifestations of magic on record, they kept a constant journal of her activities and experiences. She's very confident of herself, and most often too confident with a touch of arrogance. She prefers the name "Flair," but most people just call her "bitch."

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