Executive Protection Specialist

Executive Protection Specialist



Active Skills:

Knowledge and Language Skills:

Dice Pools:





Starting Money:3D6x1000 nuyen

"Heads down, you want it blown off?"

"Just stay behind me, you'll be okay."

"You wait here in the car, I want to check things out first."


The executive protection specialist was bred to be calm and cool headed. Her grating personality keep her from making friends easly, but you didn't hire a friend, you hired somebody that could save your sorry ass. She is always wearing something very professional, yet easy to move in. Originally she gained her training from Knight Errant, following in her farther's footsteps. But he's dead now, and she barely survived an accident in which she jumped in front of a car to protect her target. Now KE has told her that she can't work anymore, even after the year and a half of rehab and countless hours rebuilding bones and muscles. She took every penny she owned and put it into a new car and started working as a freelance EPS. She still maintains her strong and steadfast loyalty to Ares, and would never do anything that would hurt them. Now she's on the streets for hire, more than a bodyguard, but not quite a rigger, she will hire out to anybody with enough money, for whatever the job. She has to prove to KE that she can still work, no matter what the cost.

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