Dwarven Arms Dealer

Dwarven Arms Dealer



Active Skills:

Knowledge Skills and Languages



Dice Pools:





Starting Money:3D6x1000 nuyen

"I can get it for you, but it'll cost you plenty"

"Those damn Russians, just because they say they're our friends...gonna blow us all to hell...damn...What was I talking about?"

"Got enough supplies to last through any seige."


The easiest and best description of the armes dealer is "old and crusty." The dwarven arms dealer has been around a little too long. He's well known on the street as a good guy, but he's equally known as a crackpot. Every time somebody approaches him with an offer he goes spouting something about universal armeggeddon, or something of the like. The arms dealer is very good at his job though, he can find a lot of supplies and can cut out the middle-man for most of his group's transactions. This can also be a problem in that it eliminates any kind of block in tracking stolen goods. Most of the equipment he owns he wouldn't dream of touching unless the world were about to end. It all sits in his bomb shelter under lock and key, waiting for the moment it is needed. But to tell you the truth, even he isn't looking forward to eating all those ration bars.

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