Elven Courier

Elvish Courier



Active Skills:

Knowledge Skills and Languages:


Severe Gold Allergy

Dice Pools:





Starting Money:3D6x1000 nuyen

"I'm always on time"

"It's just you and your client, I can't see a thing...I swear."

"I can do it, but it's going to cost you plenty."


The elvish courier was born and raised on the streets with no goal in life but to make it better than her parents did. It all started so innocently, she did a couple of data delivers between a couple of resturant owners when she was little. Little did she know that they were working with the mafia and had some ideas of how to use her. At the sweet age of 16 she had already begun getting the implants needed to make her better, and the Mafia were footing the bill as well. When she finally tried to leave their employ, they gave her the bill for the implants and a parting present, in which she was flabergasted. She never knew they wouldn't pay for it all! Swiftly durring the night she left home to pursue a career elsewhere. Now at only 17 years old, she doesn't have much left as even her name has disappeared to keep the Mafia off her tail. She has some street smarts, but still does not know much about the real world, and secretly hopes that someday soon somebody will take her under their wing and treat her well. Until then though, she needs some way to live, and acting as a courier is about all she knows.

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