Con Artist

Human Con Artist



Active Skills:

Knowledge Skills and Languages:

Dice Pools:





Starting Money:3D6x1000 nuyen

"Here's my final offer. I give you the drugs, you give me the girl."

"I swear, you'll never find anything of higher quality."

"You mom's going to love that gold necklace Mr. Johnson."


At one point a long time ago he was voted to be the most successful out of high school. Straight A's, student body president, head of half the clubs on the high school campus would make anybody jealous. Then he got to college. It started with the drinking, then gambling then moved on to the drugs. In three short months the college expelled him, and left him to rot on the street. It took five long years to get clean, and in that time it was too late to do anything worthwhile. He wasn't completely helpless though, charisma can go a long way, especially on the street. It started small at first, a few drug deals here and there, then some larger arms deals to a couple of small gangs. Nothing tremendously serious, but that was just the begining. Realizing he had a tallent, he quickly began all the standard organized crime activities, but kept a low profile. Now, at age 29 he's read to take on the world. Confident and proud of what he does, he's not going to let anybody get in his way of making money.

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