Asp - Burnt out Sorcery Adept Theif

Asp will be in SR2 format until I get around to updating her

Personal Information



Skills And Languages:

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Edges and Flaws:

Weapons and Weapon Related Gear:

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Magical Resources

Money: 40,838 nuyen

"You go on ahead, I will go back and keep him busy."

"Hey Mel, want to go play a trick on Captian Eleven?"

"Come on, I dare you"

Commentary and 20 Questions:

Asp is female and does not trust the motivations of men, she watches them with a careful eye to discern what they want. She would rather spend most of her time with members of her own sex, but sometimes even they get on her nerves.

Asp is about 5'8" with a good build at 125 lbs. I could give her exact measurements, but the female crowd would probably kill me.

Being a night one she has silver hair and yes, but has been known to color the hair on her head a deep purple. Although not goregous, she is not unattractive