Alcoholic Mink Shaman

Alcoholic Mink Shaman



Skills And Languages:

Knowledge Skills and Languages:

Dice Pools:






Starting Money:3D6x1000 nuyen

"I'll go around the front and...-hic*- distract -hic*- th..."(passes out)

"Hey, it's cheaper than beer, no aftertaste either."

"Could be worse, I could actually drink the drek."


The alcoholic mink shaman loves people, and wants to be around them constantly. In an attempt to try something different and attract the "babes" he decided to learn the intoxication spell thinking it would be a good ice breaker. Unfortunately he became dependent on the spell to drown his relative lack of a life, and soon decided it would be a good if he were drunk all the time. Not the best shadowrunner, he doesn't know how too be very quiet, but if you ask him politely, he might, just for a little while, drop the spell and act like a normal human being. It's at that time his true nature shows through, a real ladies man, with a good potential to be a productive member of society.

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