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Erik and the Black Knight“Kord give me strength!” was his charge, for at that time only the Gods could lead Erik to victory. He hefted his blade above his head, catching the sun’s golden rays, reflecting them back into the heavens as a beacon to his calls for renewed strength. As the melee endured the world began to shift out of focus, the pounding sunlight seemed to dim, and the movements of his opponent blurred into the backgrounds. The sounds of the crowd, cheers and jeers alike were drown out by the low thrum of his own heartbeat as all his senses became both heightened and muted as his body attempted to adjust to its exhaustion. He was fighting out of sheer desperation at this point, not just for his family honor, but also for his life, and his opponent was winning. It is said that when the situation is dire, that life’s critical moments are recalled in an instant. For Erik his moment had come, and all he could think of is what might have happened had things been different.

To be continued...

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