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Torvald Byre

Profession: Knight
Race: Human
Specialty: Defensive combat and tactical leadership.
Torvlad's Take: Torvald does not suffer from any modesty issues and when asked he has nothing but wonderful things to point out about himself. He has received extensive military training in battlefield tactics, martial combat and the history of warfare and is not afraid to mention it to anybody who will listen. Torvald carries himself with honor and dignity, far more so than the standard "mercenary." It is rare to see Torvald fly into any unknown situation without first considering all his options and setting up alternate backup plans as required. Generally easy-going, he will state what is on his mind, even if unprompted for advice. His full background remains unknown.

Luthien Seregon

Profession: Priest
Race: Elf
Specialty: Defensive support and longbow use.

Torvlad's Take: Torvald puts his trust in Luthien's abilities and knows all his arrows fly true. Whether that skill comes from the hand of his God, the Elven God of archery, or his own skill, Torvald could not care. Furthermore, Luthien's abilities as a cleric have been without fail and welcome on the current expedition to Alleystr Isle. Torvald's primary concerns with Luthien revolve around Luthien's inherent belief that all unnatural things are inherently evil and must be destroyed. He fears that one day Luthien may lead the party astray in an attempt to chase after one of his many demons.


Profession: Warrior
Race: Half-Orc or very ugly Human (nobody's really sure).
Specialty: Brutish hulk and fullblade expert.

Torvlad's Take: Torvald and Sylgen do not get along together, and for good reason. Torvald's regimented style and discipline fly in the face of Sylgen's haphazard combat style. One thing is for sure, Sylgen can cleave beasts in a single blow, and for this expedition Torvald is more than willing to look past his disdain for Sylgen for the pure brute strength he lends the party. Sylgen's a bit lazy and tends to run into things without first considering the possible ramifications of his actions.
Sylgen's a bit lazy and tends to run into things without first considering the possible ramifications of his actions, both traits Torvald does not appreciate.


Profession: Spellslinger
Race: Human
Specialty: Transmutation and translocation of materials.

Torvlad's Take: Yani is a bit of an enigma due to the way he operates and thinks. Overall Torvald cannot put his complete trust into Yani due to his slightly off-kilter methods and often crazed actions during combat. Recently Yani was voted in as group leader by a very close margin; a decision that Torvald believes is only a disaster waiting to happen. Though Torvald does not fully trust Yani yet, he does believe that Yani's spellcasting abilities have pulled the group out of many a dangerous situation thus far, and will gladly adventure further with him.

Nitley Pleq

Profession: Rogue
Race: Elf
Specialty: Obtainer of antiquities, acrobatic daredevil.
Torvlad's Take: Torvald and Nitley seem to have made a quiet friendship which can only come from some level of trust between their respective abilities. Torvald knows Nitley can scout and pilfer better than anybody he has met thus far, and has been chatting with him on numerous occasions. Nitley's skill in stealth and observation are nearly unparalleled in Torvald's eyes.


Profession: Scout
Race: Human
Specialty: Wilderness scout and guardsman.
Torvlad's Take: Torvald met Canaveous in the town of Herbert Harbor and the two immediately hit it off. Currently Torvald is working closely with Canaveous to help him improve his own combat abilities, and to teach him his own martial styles. Canaveous has demonstrated remarkable combat tallents as well as a knack for acting in capable scouting capacities.

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